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December 10, 2006



Raph Koster's got pics of geek ornaments up on his tree. See his site.

My tree has no geek ornaments, and is very lopsided. My daughter placed about 1/3 of the ornaments, and since she's only two and a half feet tall, they are all placed in about a 2' square area :-)

Ken Newquist

Glad you like the geek tree, and I'm happy to say that your wish has been granted: I've posted a photo set of Geek Tree pics to Flickr. Behold the soft blue glow of a half-dozen warp nacelles! Bask in the warmth of the Buck Rogers-inspired racing lights. Wonder just how many more ornaments a fake tree this size can hold. Or just enjoy the geekiness of the moment... :)


Hurrah! That's awesome, Ken - and more elegant than I'd imagined. Roll on monorail! ;)

My pre-schooler decorated the lower half of our tree this year, and my husband put the garlands on. Being somewhat of a perfectionist by nature, I'm undertaking a personal growth exercise and Letting the Tree Be.

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