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November 15, 2006



I'm amazed it took them this long to think about it... why are they even asking? This is a no-brainer.


Significant chunk? Yeah, I'd say 1/2 the market is pretty significant. I'm all for the female voice so long as they don't make it the sleazy sex-object-y kind of voice I've come to expect from the industry.


Female voicing? Why don't they go further and bring in female characters in the singleplayer? It's understandable not to have the main character as a female, as they've already established him as a male, but 117 isn't the only Spartan around, and they've had female Spartans before (from the Fall of Reach book, and I think First Strike - if I remember correctly her name was Kelly).

That's assuming they let you meet any of the other Spartans throughout H3. But it'd kind of suck to have a weird biased representation.

And yeah, why are they asking, why dont they just do it? The cost probably isn't astoundingly high (they'll probably just grab someone from inside the office anyways), and they could have already done it by now so I don't see how time is an issue. If nobody likes it, they just wont use it.

Unless they fear reprisal ¬_¬


Dead or Alive 4 has an unlockable female spartan. She doesn't look any different from Master Chief (surprising considering the, uh, attributes of other female characters of that game), but has a female voice. Maybe they could use that same actress.


A lot of people are wondering why women have to petition them to include a female voice actor for a Spartan.

Then again, the fact that Bungie staff use "poon" (according to Wikipedia, vulgar slang for "vagina") in their request for women to petition... It really shows how out of touch they are with women in general, much less women gamers.


""poon" (according to Wikipedia, vulgar slang for "vagina")"

Erm, yes, way to inflate a pointless coincidence. They were using it as a derivitive of "own" (like "pwn"), it's just one of the less known and less used variants. The fact that they used it and it also happens to be the short version of a rude word doesn't mean anything.

For them to have used that word knowingly in an offensive way, they wouldn't have to be out of touch with women, they'd need to be out of touch with the whole damn world.


Yeah, you're right, because the way the rest of the post was written wasn't patronising in the least, either.


Given the content produced by most game companies, and the attitudes of various people I know involved in the game industry, I always assume that most game companies are characterized by a level of sexism that borders on misogyny. Bungie really hasn't done anything to change my mind in that regard.

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