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November 17, 2006



Yeah, *that* photo may be funny, but you should see the photos where they're "breaking up the crowd" (aka John) with their batons... so messy.

Actually, the above picture is funny without any caption: I mean, how does one justify using a bullhorn to talk to one person, four feet away?


Some people do not listen..........Some people hide from the police like even right in front of the police..........some people ignore the police and other think the police are stupid and don't take notice of thier antics as seen here Oh he won't notice me...........I know this Sergeant and he is an excellent cop, probably one of the best the city employes. If I was in trouble and needed the police I can say with out a doubt this is the cop I would want showing up. If you have ever seen pictures of people getting trampled at an event you don't know that what he did was not incorrect. A picture tells a thousand stories. It is this cop who made the decision and carried out the decision to effectively prevent people from being in harms way and prevented serious injury to those present from the mass of people pushing and shoving against glass partitions located at this mall. He should get an award for saving hundreds of peoples lives..........



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