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November 21, 2006


Jon K


*Puts on psychoanalyst hat*

Everyone loves Elmo (who wouldn't?)..
the boys love cars...
the girls love themselves...
and everyone loves videogames!!

Videogames FTW. :) I'm actually pretty impressed with that, especially on the girls' side. And not just because the DS beat the PS3.


Xbox live arcade has a number of titles that while not aimed at kids, certainly work for them.

My 3yr old son *loves* Marble Blast Ultra & Feeding Frenzy.

My 3yr old daughter, though given the chance to play, doesn't like them so much. She does love watching over my son's shoulder and giving commentary ("WATCH OUT FOR DAT BIG FISHY!").

Make your own gender conclusions here. I'm just saying I have a nice little running control experiement at home :-)


While sitting outside a Walmart on Saturday I overheard a mother telling her son who could not have been older than 6 that she wasn't sure he should be playing an 'M' rated game. Kids want to play the games available, whether their parents or the developers agree that those games are intended for them or not.

Then at a large family party on Sunday, there were kids all over the jungle gym outside with one young girl sitting on it playing a DS Lite ;). (Didn't see which game)


At least this photo proves that the innate human response to gaming is a fixed stare and slack jaw.

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