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October 05, 2006



Great to see the return of South Park. This episode was absolutely hillarious.

"Who is that guy?"
"Whoever he is, he's one tough badass."

Cue this guy


"The last people to stop playing were the French... you're not French are you??"

Great episode... obvious input from Blizz too - though some real screw ups - human hunter; level 2 hunter with a shield; and of course that everyone who plays WoW turns into a fat bastard! I can state here and now it's all lies... lies I tell you!


Hehe - well, from a machinima point of view, they had a LOT of help. Many of the poses - cradling the dying father? - are not possible in the realm of emoting... and yes, items and such - most of the characters must've been 60s, dressed as lowbies?

But that sword.. apparently it exists..


check the vid @ http://wowsouthpark.com/


i play wow and im not fat. just to put that out there. lol
i love that episode though =]

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