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October 08, 2006


Frans Charming

Lots of SecondLife users are making pictures.



Project Gotham 3! See:

http://flickr.com/photos/tags/pgr3 for evidence.

The game has an awesomely well realised in-built camera; you can set focal length, aperture, shutterspeed, exposure, saturation, etc, during race or replay. You can upload photos to Bizarre's website - from where you can nab the JPG and put it on Flickr, as illustrated above.

Bizarre are running "photography" competitions, on themes like "Speed" and "Style" IIRC - the best photo (not the best driving) wins. Really good fun - if only you could nab the JPGs direct from the game, like GT4 lets you do.

Ramen Junkie

I was going to mention Second Life.


Photography in GTA3 is part of the gameplay.

Here are some of my photos from Grand Theft Auto on Flickr.

and there is also a pool.


Poor Alice, not playing Dead Rising yet, or you'd realize that photography is part of the game itself :-)

Seriously, it's a field with a lot of potential. Not surprised to see it in shooters first, given that most of the PC ones expose parameters to tinker with the view frustum in various ways. If you can do that and also some things like depth-of-field shaders (and other effects).


I do some photography of The Sims for my own use. I'd post what I have now but it's not exactly suitable for all audiences *cough*

I never really thought about it as art, but now I wanna start a feature. Although will all the custom objects I use, I wonder what the legalities of copyright would be...


you should definitely check out Marco Cadioli's pics on http://www.internetlandscape.it/. This guy is doing complete reportages from in-game warzones, and his works are gettin published on this art book: http://www.gamescenes.org/

Seb Potter

Eve is pretty well known for the reporting and photography coming directly out of the game. http://flickr.com/photos/tags/eveonline/clusters/ is a good place to start looking, I'll dig out some decent photostreams later.


The Morrowind Photographer's Guild has been around for quite a while, I believe:


Wow. Fairly clear that there's an article in this, eh!

mister slim

There's hints the Wii will be able to make screengrabs at any time and import them into the photo editor. Then they can be exported via SD card or email, supposedly.


Surely we games journalists are both writers *and* photographers? We do try to take screens that illustrate the game and look good in the mag. Sometimes we even have to go for composition stuff, like my series of WoW landscapes.


Well yes.. you are! Although we see fewer portraits than landscapes, which I'm hoping will change..


I've found Uru Live has had some awesome photographers and videographers. "Appearance" comes to mind (http://www.tkwerkz.com/).

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