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October 31, 2006



Friends of mine dressed up as video game characters too, including a set of girls i know who dressed as Mario & Luigi. here's a picture of Luigi with one of our other friends as Link:


heh heh. Wait till you see them on July 4th. I wasn't prepared for it!


Yes, I was sad when in the UK over Halloween -- Guy Fawkes bonfires and fireworks were fun but didn't quite measure up.

Things will probably be somewhat quiet on the 31st itself, though, Alice -- the only costumes you'll probably see are on kids (and maybe their parents) out trick or treating. Now that Halloween has become a holiday for adults, the big partying shifts to the nearest weekend instead of the day itself, which is why last weekend was so crazy!


a friend of a friend dressed as qbert. construction notes and lots of pictures:


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