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October 21, 2006




After a brief search I couldn't find any reference to this on Miss Kim's blog. Do you think she would make it available?

I want a Slim Goodbody skin, complete with afro.


Very cool. I wonder... if you wore it in a PG sim, could you be reported for nudity? :D


Somewhat beats my attempt to make a skin by using photos of myself (no, not THOSE bits, tssk).

Oh, goddamnit, I was just working on one of those last week. I was about half done too.


Yeh, Kim hasn't posted them yet (she emailed them to me).. maybe she will, with details on how to pick the skin up inworld if you want it.

Let's go over there and picket her blog.


is anyone else reminded of Frank Cotton, from the first Hellraiser film?

Bizarre Berry

She wasn't the first one. I don't have a slurl to my shop, but if you check it out - Berry's Bizarre, you can find it in the classifieds - I have a muscular anatomy skin I made several months ago that is quite popular and includes several bodybuilding poses.

Bizarre Berry

Oops, the store is called 'Berrys Bazaar'! I've called mine 'Muscular Anatomy Avatar'.


Well, post now up over at mine, with various wiffling, philosophising and background, too. Plus! Extra bonus academic dissertation!

Berry - i'll certainly check yours out next time I'm in world. I didn't think I'd be the first; it was done as an experiment really, and an extension of my old art / acedemic interests.

Bizarre Berry

Hey K! :) I think its great that you made one too. When I said you weren't the first, that really came from a 'I don't have a friend at Boing-Boing to tell the whole world about it' sense of jealousy! But clearly I would do the same for my friends, so I just wanted to ride your coattails LOL! I studied anatomy as well, and I think it is a very natural urge to create such a skin after looking at these diagrams of the human body all day long!

Signore Iredell

Really nice work. Great, K!

Don't miss the other avatars by Bizarre Berry. They are great too!


A good Jack makes a good Jill. William.

Genius web design

yeah very good

TangoBlue Loire

if I like my avatar but want to just change her makeup lipstick etc. If I buy a skin will that change her appearance totally


She better not if she hasnt made sure the correct creator hasnt given her permission in other words she didnt make this herself it is already in world


nice shadows for female here

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