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October 18, 2006


Leo Petr

If you do that, you could set up your current account to forward to gmail -- it has wonderful spam filtering, and it learns properly from the occassional case when you need to correct something. That way, you could still check back in a few months without getting overwhelmed with crap.


Wow, and I thought the 30 or so spam comments my website gets a day were bad.

Rod Oracheski

Spam sucks, there's no two ways about it.

At the newspaper I work at, according to the bylaws of the newspaper association we belong to, we have to publish our e-mail on our website. That leads to constant spam...eventually.

It might take a couple months for a bot or whatever to find the e-mail, but all of a sudden everyone is getting spammed and we switch them out again.

Phil Gyford

I second Leo's suggestion of Gmail. My web host's spam filtering doesn't do a lot, so I now forward all my email to a secret Gmail account and pick it up from there using POP. Works a treat -- Gmail's spam filters are very good -- and there's no need to change your email address.

(The downside is that Gmail's POP is a bit odd: if I read a message on my mobile, and later pick up my email as usual on my PC, the message I read earlier doesn't download to the PC. A pain, so I might forward my Gmail to a secret conventional POP account elsewhere. Grrr, bloody spammers.)


Whereas I know people with Gmail who've found its spam filtering severely lacking and letting loads through, YMMV. On the other hand, my web host's spam filtering is awesome.

I wouldn't retire your email address if at all possible; but then I get annoyed by people who change their mobile number ;)


You could change your email addy, but the as soon as you put the new one up on this site then you're going to get hit by all those spiders scouring the web for emails anyway. I'd go with the gmail approach. It's great anyway and I don't use anything else now.

Phil - you mean the mail disappears from your gmail completely or it doesn't download to your mail client?


The spam filter on Thunderbird has worked well for me, although you need to train it before it becomes really efficient. It also lets through some of those spams where the actual content is in a picture, but they're less common than the regular kind.

Phil Gyford

Simon - I mean the email doesn't download to my mail client. Once it's been read it's Archived at Gmail, and your client won't download it again. It's a feature, mentioned in Google's docs, rather than a bug - just not a feature that's useful for me.


I'm not at all familiar with typepad, but on my WordPress based site I have a plugin for a contact form which puts up a form without posting the e-mail address anywhere in the form or the html source.

A determined person could still get at the address, but most spam comes from spidering bots so it's proved pretty effective so far.

Like I said, I'm not familiar with typepad at all, but if it is customizable at all you might be able to come up with something based off the WordPress plugin, or find a plugin or script that works with typepad in a similar way.

If you're interested the contact form on my site is here:
(As long as everyone on the planet doesn't do it, feel free to send a test message using my contact form)

And the plugin download page is here:


Get a gmail and put a .forward file on your old one so that your old email forwards to gmail's spam filters, then tell everyone to use the gmail from now on.


My addresses tend to get spammed by being on archives of mailing list posts (the ones at hyperreal.org mostly). I just put up an autoreply with a spam-proofed new email address (ie: you can't click on it, you have to copynpaste and remove letters and spaces) and it seems to have worked pretty well.

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