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September 28, 2006



It's a great little game. Sometimes slightly frustrating, but very very funny.

Paul Mison

I thought that too, but I'm pleased I waited for the reviews to come in: the DS version is buggy (one might almost say "rushed" or "unfinished"). The big console versions are apparently all pretty good, though.


I have this for the 360 and it is a great comedy game if a little glitchy in places (I have become stuck in the scenery lots of times). All in all it is well worth buying just like the first one.

Anne Packrat

You can actually ride the Banthas too. My favorite thing to do is to turn on the explosive Ewok catapult cheat and go kill everything in sight with Wicket.

Plus it has stormtroopers in THONGS.

Matt Brett

Haha, nice! I guess there aren't many good screenshots floating around as I've now seen 3 people linking to my Flickr set which I posted last night.

Did you notice what the Tusken Raider is doing to the Bantha? heh... dirty!

My entire family has been playing this game non-stop since it's release. After renting it twice, we decided it was worthy of a purchase. We must have racked up 60 hours between us already and still lots more game left.

neil h

It is quite literally the best game ever, in the entire history of the universe. Ever. FACT!

Justin Hall

Yes! A lovely good time - I played the first one through, twice maybe. So cute and funny, even though I hadn't seen those Star Warses. Of course, these are the canonical Star Wars movies, and it's fun/funny to see them sent up in this way.

Merci and I played it together - it's a great cooperative experience of playful fun co-dependent gaming. Highly recommended! In spite of occasionally getting stuck in the scenery and the damned slot machine compulsive coin collecting gameplay.

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