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September 24, 2006


Jon K

Me likey these games. Well done again, BBC.

Guilded Lily

Why won't the BBC share this fun outside of the UK?

" We regret that we cannot offer CDX to non-UK users."

But I wanna play too!


In all likelihood the developers (an indie, Preloaded) will have retained the rights to exploit the game outside of the UK.

Geolocation on the internet is dumb, in my humble and extremely personal opinion. I can see why people cling onto them, but in the long term, it makes no sense.


The decision to lock down to UK was definitely not down to Preloaded.


Curious, it's usually the indies that require global rights, but if Preloaded aren't, then it must be the BBC making that decision...

... which means I need to go find out what's going on ;)


Yup, "bandwidth" issues, apparently.

Not ideal. Just not ideal at all.
Preloaded deserve to have their work seen by the world..

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