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August 24, 2006


I used to work for Digimask as a Games Product Manager. Back in 2002/3 I wrote a proposal for them saying we should basically give the technology to MS and Sony for free (or very cheap) to bundle with the (as yet) unreleased Live and EyeToy, as the take-up rate would be huge and would give the (even then) flogging start up a huge uptake and user base. they rejected it, and a few weeks later laid off me and and my whole games development team to concentrate on...mobile phone development. These guys were great as well - we'd ported Digimask to Quake 3 and it was awesome. we used to have these huge games in the office where everyone had avatars with their own faces and it was a freaking blast. I even was on the brink of finalising all the licensing with the boys at Id.

But i'm not bitter.


If i take a picture of my arse, will it map it to my face?

What? It's an important question!

Yes. Yes it will.


Finally. A reason to buy a 360.

Imagine the ph34r in that 15 year old n00b as he stares into my one brown eye before i pwned him.


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