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August 26, 2006



How to decode the dotted crane message.

7 3 6 3 3 9 8 6 8 7 = "Phone number" Michael gave Sara on the crane.
... .. .. . .. .... ... ... .. .... = First line of dots on the crane from Ep 201.
3 2 2 1 2 4 3 3 2 4 = The dots, converted to numbers.

7 3 6 3 3 9 8 6 8 7 = Numbers on a phone key pad
3 2 2 1 2 4 3 3 2 4 = Letters for each number above it.

For example, (7, 3). The third letter on the number 7 is R. Then (3, 2). The second letter on number three is E. Following this pattern, the first line of the dots combined with the new phone number spells out... "R E N D E Z V O U S" - which is French for "meeting" or "get together".

We did the same thing for the phone number given on the 9/25 episode which gave us the message "SUNDOWN HOT"


and from a special source, we have learned that the last set of #s is 35445266 which gives the message "ELGILANM"

spaced out correctly, the message is - "Rendezvous - Sundown Hotel - Gila, NM"


hey i lv pb cnt belive u worked the codes owt. i live england n it is showin at the mo. we on ep 211 n u finish the 2 series nxt mon dont u???? thats wot i read nyway!!! ldz ov ppl here lv it!! u get soooo hooked!! lvin american webbies like this cos i can pre read wot is gunna appen nxt!!!
cheers lv yaz P[rison] B[reak] sico


hey my name is aliya and i am 12 yers old and i am a biggggg fan of prison break and i like 2 see your show all of the times and i hope that u will sand me a message pliez amm i am froom abudhabi and thanks


oh wow i never understood that code.. michael is so clever..
i am totally in love with prison break..
i would like to thank fox productions for doing the prison break site. it has season 2 recaps and as we are only on episode 14 i would love to find out what happens next..
i cant believe what could hapen in season 3 and i cant wait!!!


Hello,im Tasha....n im a big fan of PB!!!i'm from serbia,but i watch PB on croation tv!!I think its THE BEST thing ever made by fox production!!!its great really....especialy michael..he is GREAT,i mean the caracter(but the actor is great too).....

that is gd man


well it is lookin go so far in prison break is there going to be a 3rd season


my name is stefanie ilove you michael scorfield you ar the bezt xxxxxxxx i love you michael xxxxxxxxxxx ik woon in belgie in blankenberge xxxxxxx love you 4ever


Dis syte is sikk it ust hav taken days 2 work out da codes man. SIKK!!!!!!!!!!!1 im also luvin da prison break episodes dey r well phat dey keep u well hooked and now we have 2 w8 annuva yr 2 c wt happens nxt. Wentworth is well fyne tho!!!!!!!!!!11 HOTTTTT


chelsey howell loves craig sawdy


i want flipen codes for vmk!!!! u shoud make one



Anybody know anything about the red dots that are falshing at the bottom of the screen on the new season?

rameez khan

hey can any one please tel me wat Ep 201 means




PB is the only movie thats got me on my feet, i was out there, but trying to crack those codes, the character (michael) is very cool, and every one else especially Mahone, who is a direct michael-1


i like prison break , it's an amazing chow, & full of suspence :D ,


Man,great work,fox. Am from uganda and am a big fun. T-BAG and Bellick act so well. Wizzy

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