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July 03, 2006



Multiple endings never really went away! Blade Runner, Deus Ex, Jedi Knight, KOTOR, Planescape: Torment, the tediously dull DX:IW... um... probably some more.


They're all ancient!



Shadow the Hedgehog?

nick botulism

i'm totally psyched for rule of rose, too. looks cool and quite different.


oooh! I saw this game when it was the uber-cheap special of the week on an import site, complete with English language option. I tend to forget about the disc regionalization, though - thankfully I remembered before purchasing it immediately. So, if anyone interested in this game has an Asian-compatible PS2, you can explore the import route to get it sooner (and possibly cheaper!) .


I was under the impression that sony wasn't publishing this...oh nm. Forgot u were in uk, doh.



Atlus is bringing it out to america uncensored.

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