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July 03, 2006



Nooooooooooo Don't go! London and the UK neeeeds you!


Check Maplin for boxes to plug video sources into LCD Monitors btw. :)

Ian Betteridge

Don't know about the Xbox, but most recent computers can cope with silly US lowbie voltage.


360: is it region-coded? Yes, it sure is. However, lots of the *games* are region free - check out this NTSC-UK thread (http://ntsc-uk.domino.org/showthread.php?t=54517) for details. More 360 games are region-free than you'd expect, but not all are.

Power: I think you might just be able to plug a new power lead into the brick thing - check the brick thing - if it says 110-240V you might be OK. Otherwise, you might need something like a step-transformer (ew).

The main problem WRT region-coding you might have is PAL vs NTSC - unless you output to VGA or HD (which it sounds like you're going to do). You've got a PAL box and USA tellys are NTSC. Obviously, Hi-def and VGA don't really care about this, as they're global standards, but it's another thing to worry about.

Still, there's going to be a sizable proportion of old/new 360 games that just won't work; it's worth checking the bulletin boards *before* you buy anything over there, alas. Live Arcade, though, almost certainly will - lots of Uno and Geometry Wars ahead, then!

(I'm buckling, and buying a 360 this week. I miss all my old Live pals).


This is all good news, I think. The only reason I'm taking the 360 is for Live; it needs investigating. So far the games are so-so, but 'm sure good times are ahead. Plus it just feels wrong to mothball a machine that's just about to hit its stride..

Hugh "Nomad" Hancock

No useful comments to add, I'm afraid - just wanted to say good luck, and enjoy La-la land.


Silly Alice, no one EVER learns the lay of the land in LA. It shifts at night, like Dark City.

Have a great move, and see you ad himself soon.


Robert 'Groby' Blum

Step transformers are the way to go. And the way to get them is find the indian quarter of the city. (No, seriously. I have *no* idea why that's the place, but that's where you get them)

As others have said, you have the whole PAL/NTSC issue - unless your consoles have DVI or VGA out. (I.e. if you plan on buying any DVDs, get a region-free player that can convert)

And if Sim City 4 is anything like the real rush hour hear, it's indeed a boring game - you'll spend hours gazing at the same stretch of highway ;)

BTW: Before you jump head first into traffic here, I suggest you check out public transportation - in some areas, it's good enough to forego the whole car thing.


I'm not completely sure, but I think you might be able to save yourself some trouble by just purchasing a new power supply for your computer when you get to the US.

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