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July 16, 2006



May I suggest a lovely mansion in Anvil for your books for only 5000 shiny things.


We've had Oblivion since it first released and like Morrow, we just couldn't get into it. I didnt like the controls and bailed shortly after arriving in the newbie area. My son has played it when he's bored with WOW and he too isn't all that impressed. I wonder what it is we don't get or like about this game that I hear such wonderful commentary on. We loved Fable, why can't we get into this game? It would be a nice relief from WOW.


The main problem I had with Oblivion was that it's just too short! I compelted the main quest and all the factions quickly, then had nothing to do. So, I downloaded mods. The problem: It's not enough to get my back to playing. But I still download and install mods now...I never even get round to playing them!

Ah well.

*Downloads this mod*


I think Oblivion takes a little more imagination (roleplaying) from the players side to fully enjoy it, Most RPG's have back-story all set up and such...Oblivion just dumps you in a jail and lets you get on with it.
I've stopped playing it at the moment as I'm close to finishing the main quest and I've become The Grey Fox...I don't want it to end :(


Its a very fun game, but I have one big complaint. Why in the hell did they release it with such a horrid control scheme for the PC? I mean everything else was top notch, but they slapped a UI over the XBox control setup and shipped it as is. Why in the world can't I remap keys? Why do I have to drill down simplistic menus made for a console controller?

Oh well, its still a great game.

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