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July 19, 2006



Too skinny. I could kick her butt, and I'm not even undead (yet).

Hugh "Nomad" Hancock

Also, doesn't look like Buffy. Sorry, but Buffy, well, looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar. Whose face doesn't look anything like that, and who is, to put it bluntly, short. That looks more like Jessica Simpson - complete with the freakishly wide/thin torso.


Her porportions are wrong. Her chest is too large and it's made worse by the lines that are supposed to represent her sides. Either shorten her waist (bring the crotch up!) or make the top half (shoulders, chest, etc) not so wide.

and yeah. D for composition. it is boring.


She doesn't look like Buffy, but I love Jo Chen's art nonetheless.


I got to say it doesn't say vampire slayer to me. She looks way too uninterested in slaying vampires. The tank top is out of place. I know they have to stick the titles in somewhere but, meh.


Is that the weapon from the show finale? I'm not up on this new series or what it might be about, but are they continuing from where the show left off?


The biggest problem with the art is that she's actually *smiling*, not grimacing, not pouting....smiling!

When's the last time you saw Buffy smile wistfully, hmmm?


Come on, it's crap - let's not beat around the bush - it's truly abysmal... her arms are just wrong, her spine shrieks schlorosis, and just how far from her naval to her crotch is that??


Her left elbow is clearly broken. I mean, that's a serious fracture, in need of medical attention! I know fighting vampires isn't easy but you'd think she'd avoid such horrific injuries.


Oh come on, it's not that bad. Chen is an amazing artist as a whole.

Guilded Lily

The cover art makes me want to take Buffy out to lunch - it looks like she hasn't eaten anything for weeks! How is she going to save the world again if she is feeding off her own muscle mass?


THis is an awful painting. Her proportions are wrong; the torso is too long, and her boobs are massive - thats just not necassary. The foreshortening of her left arm is wrong, and the angle of her face is wrong - looks like shes got a large forehead. Her shoulders are that of an olympic swimmer. I cant believe this person got paid for this is. I can do better...Buffy is a petite, cute, and tough chick. Theres no personality, cute, sexy aggression. Nothing. It looks like fan art.

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