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June 16, 2006


Hugh "Nomad" Hancock

Yes! Band Hero would *rock*!

*Makes the horns.*

*Realises he can be seen from his office window and looks stupid. Puts them down again.*


Konami already did this a few years ago.

The arcade versions of Guitar Freaks and Drummania (and I think Keyboardmania) link up, and they've actually converged in the home version, so you just need to buy the seperate controllers.

Then you can have one person playing the guitar part, one playing the bass part, and one playing the drums.

Never done it, but it sounds like great fun.


Well, cf the multiplayer mode of the awesome awesome Daigasso Band Brothers, for the DS; rhythmn action with each person playing a different instrument.

The hard problem, I guess, is getting over lag. It's bad for Quake, and it's worse for rhythm!


I'm eagerly awaiting Triangle Hero, or possibly 45-minute Theramin Solo Hero.

Pixel Kill

I've played the drum game in the Troc, LOVED IT, be great to get a console version. A drummer friend complained when he tried it though, short strings on the sticks mean you can't cross them like a real drummer does. :)


You do know there is no SingStar in the US, right? (how will you adjust when you move here!?!?) It's more likely to be interoperable with Karaoke Revolution, which is also done by Harmonix.


Just last week I was telling a friend that a "band hero" or "band mania" would be an awesome game. Have one set of music that can be used with a microphone, guitar, drums, keyboard & more. With the instruments seperate, and having the game compensate for missing instruments/vocals, as well as the ability to record your "band". Would be very cool... even cooler if it included Bongos and was on the Wii.


I think the American copyright on drum sims is currently owned by someone who is aggressively doing NOTHING with it. They seem to just want to prevent any such products from reaching the market. So, any Drum Warrior games would be a wee bit unlikely.

Account Deleted

It should be integrated with DDR as well, so that you can have dancers.

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