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June 11, 2006



Didn't Duke Nukem 3D have that? Anyway, I'm sure Hitman has it, and lots of other first person shooters as well.


I saw it in Splinter Cell Chaos Theory just last night. Onboard the big cargoship in the second mission there was a mirror in a toilet, with a neat and fit Sam Fisher reflection. Nice little touch.


The Sims 2 has this as well.

It's a very neat feature but apparently hard to produce, which is why many games don't bother. I once read an article on a formula 1 game where they talked about how long they spent just showing up the cars on a big screen ,TV coverage style, to make it more lifelike.


Doom 3 does it as well, though not nearly as well as the graphic you're showing.

Seb Potter

Real-time mirrors have been around for a while - I seem to remember seeing them in games as old as Max Payne.

The mirrors in EQ2 are pretty cruddy. They have a delayed update, and use a fairly low resolution software renderer (check out how bad the image is when all your graphics settings are at maximum). Bit of a cop-out considering that they're very small and only used in environments that have very little going on in terms of complexity.


Though compared to no mirrors in every other MMO, they are frakking neat. Its amazing what you can do to trick out a home in EQ2.

Alaric Snell-Pym

I was once chatting with a guy who was writing for a text-based MMORPG, who was implementing a mirror. He wanted something more interesting than just "You see a mirror", so we discussed maybe having it work like:

"You see Bob, Jane, a table, a chest, a mirror, a chest, a table, Jane, and Bob".

Eg, everything reflected in the mirror.

The fun this allowed then would be that in *haunted* mirrors, you'd sometimes see things reflected that weren't really there.

"You see Bob, Jane, a table, a chest, a mirror, a chest, a table, Jane, a walking skeleton, and Bob"


In Gemstone 3 (a text based game) a mirror was a rare find too now that I think of it.


I believe DDO has reflective mirrors, at least in the very first dungeon you go into! But it doesn't have housing, so I'm not sure it actually counts. ;)


Sooner there are relfective mirrors in SL the better.

Though it might crash the grid. It will crash the grid.

Pixel Kill

I must say it's a bit odd to see this being discussed. The original Unreal had accurate mirrors, if you can do full reflections in rippling water then the various techniques to do flat mirror reflections can't be that tricky. Are they just very uncommon in MMOs for some reason?


Something that everybody seems to forget is that you just need to look back at history and you will so that it has all been done before. Look at EverQuest, it is still going strong with the same game play from the past. Does anybody think that it really matters.


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