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May 16, 2006



The only problem is, the force of the light sabre blades in "real life" would stop you moving the wiimote (handle) when two sabres collided. Virtually, in a game, this would not happen - which is a problem.

Unless Nintendo and LucasArts sell a light sabre blade add-on?


Fair point. Or need a HUGE force-feedback add on that makes your arms vibrate.



I'm interested to know what colour/color sabers you guys would prefer?




Using force feedback along with the speaker in the controller should give more than enough feedback to the player to let them know that they've hit another lightsaber.

If the programing is forgiving enough to allow a bit of leeway when two sabers connect this shouldn't really present too much of a challange unless the fighting is at an incredibly rapid pace. Given the nature of the tech a slower version of the swordplay seems like it could be made to be fun and technically possible.

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