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May 18, 2006



There's plenty of interactive 3D grot if you look for it. But if you manage to sustain an erection through it despite their dead dead eyes and waxy skin, you're officially odd.

That said, there's little teeny tiny cocks in Gibbage:

See? Filth. Hardcore Filth. Ban it.


In this as in all things, the Japanese are way ahead of the game. There are many "dating sims" which look very ecchi, and which have some uniquely disturbing storylines at http://www.jlist.com/HENTAI/ (link probably NSFW)


There was that porn industry management game a while back, wasn't it called lula?

Infact after searching it looks like they released a new version of it recently, Lula 3D. Doesn't look very good though.

It is quite surprising considering a great deal of people working in IT are socially inept, making porn an important part of their lives :)


As Adam suggests, there is a thriving market in hentai games in Japan. It just hasn't exported itself to the West in any significant degree.


Well i've seen Sex in SL and it's crap. That's why it's not in games.

I don't know about girls, but as the blood rushes away from the hands, gaming abilities drop dramatically!

On a seperate note; who went and corrupted our sweet innocent Alice?! :o :o


HAHAH no we're just CURIOUS.
I mean - you can always find a bit of this and that, but *comparatively*, to other media, games lag way behind.

It's odd!


I don't think other media has quite the degree of "OMG BAN THIS SICK FILTH" hysteria associated with it. Don't forget that no matter what the rating a game has, someone will scream about how it's sick and should be banned because kids might play it.

Mike Abundo

Jenna Jameson has a game.


Surely economics play a large part. If you're going to make porn, the cheapest way to do it is to point a camera at some naked people. Models don't usually get paid much, programming and animation are more expensive. Which means that a game is extra costs with less appeal...


So you're coming for that drink next week then?

Hmn. Who remembers the old mod of Frak on the BBC B? Or Donkey Dong? I think it's all about the modding, lovey.

Also - games are almost as good as Bromide. Nothing kills lovin' like WoW.


"no we're just CURIOUS"

Now THAT sounds like the kinda thing someone says when they're found with their same sex cousin and the family pet!

I fear we've lost our sweet innocent Alice forever lol


I've just had a curious (and wrong) thought...

Seeing as Wii is motion sensing, and they're making all these Wiimote attachments, maybe Wii will usher in a new world of Pr0n in games with some attachments similar to fu-fme:

http://www.fu-fme.com/ (NSFW!)

If this could be integrated into a Second Life style environment along with a webcam, i can certainly see people... getting involved lol

I think i know what the "User Created Content" would be in that virtual world. Imagine, live sex shows 24/7 from right across the world!

After all, Wii is "Alway On" just like most men's Wiimotes.

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