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May 22, 2006



I give it 5 years before the Game will BE the TV show.

The Engine will be developed and released as a game in itself but that will also act as an open Audition for virtual actors.

It will have MMO aspects and scripted "quest" content like WOW, it'll have aspects of reality TV shows like Big Brother, and every player is a potential future character to be added into the broadcast TV series. You can meet and interact the Character in game at any time, as they will be people payed to play the game, in character, all day long.

Consider the TV broadcast a bit like a 7 season in-game cut-sequence, in the same style as "The Office", showing the most relevent events over the last week (to move the dynamic story forward), and David Brent style interviews.

In 10 years, there will be only Virtual Actors, and anyone can be discovered, from thier armchair, playing on thier Microsoft PlayStation 720 or thier Nintendo Kakk.

100% Fact. I see the future.


Oh god, no. A game that twists and weaves and swings you around all over the place and by the end of it you know a lot more but really it's just a million more questions?

I can only take so much!

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