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May 13, 2006



And i made friends with the darlek! lol

Apparently Chris Moyles was just in there (according to the in-game organiser). If we're lucky, he'll take the piss out of us next week lol


It was cool, though the lag got the better of me.

But listening to the show now via the magic of internet streaming radio. W00t!


Yes,it was way cool.
Hoping to see the video feed fix tommorrow.
Thanks for the great event.
BBC rocks!!


The daleks were great, but I like K9 better. Having said to the K9 wearere 'nice costime' the reply was "Affirmative".

I heard some discussion going on about the lack of cybermen in SL.

Andy Piper

You can pickup the Daleks (skins, and also some that follow you around) at Doctor Who in Second Life. I haven't managed to find K9 yet.

Great event.


That dalek is me! I figured it was the only place I could wear the avatar and be SURE it was appreciated.

That K-9 is actually really cool, I spoke with its owner. He follows you around, can run scans on nearby avatars (for height, distance, and position), and also report back on nearby scripted objects. So cool


That was me in the dalek costume! Its hard to believe its been 3 years

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