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April 27, 2006





When replacing a codename with the final product name, it ideally should be changed into something *better*. What on earth were they thinking? Or should I ask: Why? (Since this is the most likely pronunciation, given the similarity to "wifi.") Perhaps they're trying to capitalize on the popularity of golfer Michelle Wie?
Urine references aside, essentially naming a game machine "Wheee!" isn't likely to make people take it very seriously. I wonder how much money was spent coming up with this name...


"GameBoy" was a dumber name. People will whinge about this, get over it, and move on. I just hope they do it quickly.



As in... Why?

As in... er...

Erm... *falls over*


It's s'posed to be pronounced "We"...




"Dude, can I play with your wii?"



I'm going to pronounce it "Why" from now on until forever. I think it suits it better.

The worst thing is i don't think i can take 6 months of piss jokes and puns. I've had an hour of it and it's already made me not want to buy a console i was starting to consider.

Why? Wii? Wy?

Kim Pallister

Better than 'virtua boy' which sounds like some questionable blowup doll for the lifestyle-undecided.

Good point about the whole codename thing. It's absurd that while at Intel, we had to get codenames legally approved, they had to meet all the same 'safe' requirements, etc.

(thus all the processors being named after rivers in the pacific northwest: Willamette, Katmai...)

At a smaller company I was once at, we always beleived the codename should awe your customers and strike fear into your competition. (Matrox's hay-day graphics chips had codenames taken from mythology: Titan, Apollo, Athena, etc)


Wii are legion.


I'm with Cris.

Additionally, no, the likes of "GameBoy" and "VirtuaBoy" aren't as bad as... "Wii" because those words weren't synonymous for piss. Plus, it was the late 80's, early 90's. They had an excuse.


Hush up, all of you. Remember, it's not about you or me.

It's about wee.

Err.. Wii.


Actually, if you think Scottish - it's wee! As in small, cute, friendly!

"Aw look! They've got that lovely wii console!"

It's growing on me by the moment.

"The wii console with the big heart."


Tinkergirl has a point. I take back what I said about it- it is a good name, but only if you use a Scottish accent when discussing it. (And ideally, occasionally refer to it as a "tim'rous beastie.")


The Scotts aren't real people so they don't count.

I can say that, one of my best mates is a guy from Scotland called Scott.


What the fuck are Opal Fruits called now? Is nothing sacred?


"What the fuck are Opal Fruits called now? Is nothing sacred?"
Starbursts? Seriously guys, I have this planned out, on the release day I'm going to run into gamestop and Shout: "I NEED A WII, NOW!"

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