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April 27, 2006



he's thinking 'wow I'm 16 years old and I have an incredibly fit model playing 'CRazy Frog Racer' on my ps2. I'm the happiest luckiest b*stard alive. I doubt she'll shag me though...'


One guy to the other:" wow man, I don't think they're EVER gonna realise that those controlers DON'T control those two kittens over there!"

The other guy:"Yeah, when are we gonna show them the console?"

The girls : "Oooooh they're so cute"

Rick Yorgason



"Keep smiling mate, they've worked out the crotch move and the Sofa combo"


"Great idea to hook the PS2 up to the Rampent Rabbits"


"This Eastenders MMO is 1337! Why are our sons looking at us like that?"


"When are telling them they're supposed to use the shoulder buttons?"


What are those girls playing? They look totally absorbed...


'Dude, Shall we tell them they have to turn the PS2 on first?'

'Naw, and don't tell the blonde chick shes's becoming a human bean bag either'

Cunzy1 1

Wow! That chick may not have legs but she kicks ass on soul caliber III


Yeah right. Two super hot babes playing video-games in front of two boys...

I am sure they are playing Pro Evolution Soccer, correct?


"Those are the biggest I've ever seen!"
"I know, your sister is really good at Katamari."


"Once we've finished playing consoles we're gonna give the flat a quick clean and wash the dishes".

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