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April 26, 2006



Not sure about Disney, but I do know something about fish smells! Did you know that "back in the day", when East first met West, one of the most common complaints or observations about Japanese people was that they smelt of fish, and the Japanese in turn couldn't stand the smell of Westerners' skin because it reeked of dairy products. Something to do with our very different diets and it simply permeating our skin.

Completely random tangent, there, but never mind!


probably against T&C's around 'impersonating other person or persons' :-)


I don't know if this would be the reason, but the Disney parks in Asia aren't actually owned by Disney. An outside company owns the parks and licenses the Disney. Maybe they don't have access to the same merchandise that is sold in the U.S. and France? I'm surprised they wouldn't try to make their own, though.

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