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March 23, 2006



Alice, quit whining and get to the spirit of things; this is a celebration of innovation, the hotbed of creation; the womb of things to come. I know you feel it ...feel it, embrace it, need it...

Lee Bryant

tough job, but somebody's got to do it, eh? ;-)


...and Alice is just ríght for the job...and if in need of party tickets, You know the number;)


Hah Jani! You're in town? Maybe I'll find you by the Nokia stand, as is customary.. :D

Douglas Thomas

Twas an awesome time. Might have to make it an annual GDC event!

I an't believe you blogged it already!


I'm sure no one would notice if you activated your sneak ability and "commandered" that plasma screen and mailed to me for re-patriotion. I would even write an apology for the whole "Boston tea party" thingie.


parc is where it all started. respect. did you get to see the Star OS?

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