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February 16, 2006



So when do you get your orc warlock tat on the other side...? :p



It's not *me*!

I'd have Onyxia, somewhere inappropriate.


That underwear is a crime against humanity.


Lurving your WoW is one thing, but a murloc? Of all the creatures in WoW, a murloc would be the last thing I'd expect to inspire a tattoo.



Really, she should have nine other murloc tattoos climbing her leg...


It's not even a good representation of a Murloc... but seriously, I regularly slaughter entire villages of the little buggers, simply because they exist. I can't believe Blizz haven't implemented a Murloc instance yet with huge Murloc bosses. Can you imagine how involved people would get?

ren reynolds

I'm just waiting for the copyright case. The person might have to ask for several more body parts to be taken into consideration.


Murloc dual weilding cruel barb!!

She got a tat of a twink Murloc!


Not the best looking murloc but for some reason I just find that sexy. /shrug.

Dunno but I like it.


Uh...wow, next time go to a pro. It looks like some gradeschooler did the tattoo.


Maybe she drew it out herself and got it done? A custom self drawn one is better than one you didn't do shit on.

Who knows

I'd do her.. though joe boxer ftl

Some guy

I'd do her. Totally agree with "A custom self drawn one is better than one you didn't do shit on."

I'd give it an 8/10. Bet that hurt, though. Always hurts on bone. ><


God that tat looks like crap.


What a moron.


when she wears a bikini do its legs dangle out the side?


And thats why people with down syndrome shouldn't be tattooists.


Je n'aime pas les murloc... mais même pour ceux qui apprecient ca devient du fanatisme ^^
Dommage! J'aurais bien voulu voir le bas :D
Sinon et bien cela illustre encore le fait que WOW devient un phénomène de société au même titre que star wars ou encore pokemon(désolé pour la référence... :s).


AHAHAHAHA mais quelle horreur !

Et pour dire que la meuf a des trop sales gouts, regardez son calbutte !

Bref, la moitié des gens qui liront les commentaires ne comprendront pas le français donc je me tait...


Mais si mais si on a tout compris. et puis si personne ne comprend, utilise un langue universelle :



lol ^^
J'ai compris aussi.

Et +1 pour le Agourglglglllglllglllllglllgllllglllglllll

a PWAL l'anglais :p globish POWAAAAAAAAAAA


Je trouve ça mimi ... et pi le boxer est décalé ^^


en francais:
Perso je trouve ca sympa, bien sur on peu critiquer le style, mais a mon avis c'est voulu, et puis chacun est libre de faire ce qu'il veux, si ca lui plait je suis pour.

in english:
I like that, of course we could criticate the style but i think it's intentional, and after all everybody is free to do what he want, if she like it, it is the essential.

ps: le calbute est rigolo / nice undervear


oh ... my ... god!


Le genre de Murloc qu'on aggro au plus mauvais moment ça ^^

Sir Killer Rabbit

"Le genre de Murloc qu'on aggro au plus mauvais moment ça ^^"
ça me dérangerait pas de l'aggro celui là ^^
Perso, je ne me serais peut-être pas fais un murloc, mais c'est drôle. Comme dit, si ça lui plait, tant mieux, enfin quelqu'un qui affiche ce qu'elle aime, je plussoie. Et puis un elfe ou un ork, tout le monde reconnait, ça fait kévin, vous croyez pas? Le murloc est un très bon choix finalement ;)

I wouldn't have get myself a tatoo of a murloc, but it's funny. As said, if she likes it, that's fine with me. Finally somebody who says loud what she likes. And an elf or an ork, everybody recognise it, it would have a geek or a nerd effect, no ?
Finally, I think the murloc is a really good choise ;) Go for it Alice !


Sir Killer Rabbit

PS: seulement les "woweux" reconnaitront le murloc, les autres diront "quel étrange tatooage". c'est un clin d'oeil génial à la comunauté, un moyen d'entrer en contact ?

Only the "wow-player" will recognise the murloc, other people will say: "what a strange tatoo". It's an exellent wink to the community, a way to meet people ?


Hope the TAT artist reminded her that thing is permanent. How is she gonna explain that to the workers at her nursing home 50+ years from now?!

HER: "You see sonny, once there was this great great PVP online computer game..."

SONNY: "Whats a computer?"

HER: "Kind of like what you have hardwired into your brain, only it sat on a desk"

SONNY: "Whats a desk?"


nice one i have got also a tattoo of a murloc and more

you can see on my site


hey if your gonna post up pictures of my tattoos on the internet, at least find a decent one.




noobs lol.


"I'd do her.. though joe boxer ftl"

get a life.


Very nice ... Belly





Mine's better.

Aleks@tattoo gallery

Funny tattoo.HA HA HA


fucking hott ;-D


Mi piace questo tattoo...


Actually.. what I want to know is where she got the tattoo. As in.. what studio and what artist.. because I want to make damn sure to NEVER go there. My GOD that artwork is beyond shitty.

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