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February 04, 2006


monkey dancing shadow


I replayed it 2 times straight i enjoyed the journey so much - and that hasn't happened for me since Ocarina of Time!

Definitely a game made with love and care, t'bsure t'b'sure.


love and care? Hah! Sweat and tears more like.

And I still think that it's over-rated, just screams dynasty warriors with undead greeks.


I'm inclined to agree with Shard, the bosses in particular are a case studies in painful tedium. The minotaur at the end of the Challenge of Hades took me about 20 minutes, not that it's particularly challenging (unless you count staying awake as part of the challenge) it just went on too long, if it had finished after the first time i fired a flaming log at him that would have been satisfying but no, you have to do EXACTLY the same thing about a billion times.

As a whole the game is pretty entertaining and very slickly produced, but all the combat encounters last too long and largely comprise of hammering the square button.


Just bought it on platinum. Cracking game,lovely level design (plus hideous trashing of the whole of Ancient Greek culture and gratuitous nekkidity but what the hey). Also I should note that my recent demotion to "Mortal" level is due purely to the fact that I've been playing under the influence of bird flu/black death/necrotising fasciitis and not any lack of skill.


Welcome to the party! The first boss stands as one of the best I can remember. I found it to be a polished, enjoyable, albeit short, action game. Certainly more enjoyable than Devil May Cry and the like.

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