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January 30, 2006



I've never been given free stuff :o( Maybe people think I'm a man.

It'll be all that orcish chest hair.


I've never, either, and I play a hawt night elf (most of the time)...


Maybe you just need better begging skillz..

Maybe the transgender players know better how to play their clientele?


I will commonly play female characters on MMORPGs, but not because I get free stuff (I don't).

The real reason is simple: If I'm going to be spending multiple hours on end staring at a character's ass while playing I'd rather it be a female ass.


With the massive appeal of games like WoW I no longer get free things for playing female characters. I contribute this to the lack of "geeks, dweebs, and/or spazzes" in comparison to the lot I used to play with during EQ's heyday.

That or they've just wizend up a bit. :0)

Ian Betteridge

I usually play female characters, but that's because I think that when you spend so many hours staring at your character's ass, it might as well be a *nice* ass.

Does that make me a bad person? :)


I get free stuff! I never ask for it - just the opposite; and then it's usually given anyway, what's a 'girl' to do but accept? Anything else would be rude.


I've always played a female and I've been given free stuff. Up until recently I always thought that it was just "What Was Done" and whenever I upgrade I usually offer my kit to nice newbies (male or female) if I can.

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