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December 11, 2005



You know what I'm thinking, don't you..


I can even recognize the game from the middle picture just from the "screen shot". That's Donkey Kong Jr. And those are awesome.


Ack! And now I've made a silly out of myself. That's not Donkey Kong Jr, that's the original Donkey Kong, stage 3.


LOL! Stage 3, eh? Too cool :)


These rule!


You can buy these directly off her website:


They take a few hours to make once you are familiar with them (or so I am told). I currently am ordering one of each and if I get the hang of it I'm going to make a bunch of them. I might even try to make my own designs for other arcade games.

I think it would be cool to see other mini games.. Tempest?! Tapper with the little beer tapper on it?!


These look so intricate! I'm going to attempt to make them. I just learned how to plastic canvas recently from my mom and I'm addicted to it now! I dont think these will be too difficult to make if I follow the pattern.
age 13

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