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December 31, 2005



Slight tangent, but still on the subject of arcade games. I'm back home in my native frozen north for xmas and I spotted that they'd built a new movie/bowling complex in Blackburn town centre so I popped in to have a nosy the other day. Well... arse to the movies and bowling.. the video arcade section... omg.. sega-tastic!!

Don't know whether this is a policy of this particular bowling alley company (Bowlplex), but there were some excellent Sega arcade machines including Outrun 2, F-Zero AX, a new shooter called Ghost Squad which came with an cracking gun peripheral, and a huge 4 player World Club Champion Football machine (http://www.segawccf.com/).

The best array of new arcade machines that I'd seen in the country for an age.. just a pity that there's not one nearer to home in London! Though I think that there's one down in Brighton, so a few of you sea-siders should go and have a look!

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