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November 03, 2005



Now THOSE are what you call epics.

: )

Pixel Kill

They're just publishing, it's some Korean dev. I was pretty shocked when Dragon Age was cancelled, they must've lost a ton of cash over that.

Anyhow, RF Online eh? Elves and mechs together - who'd have thought it?


I played the Korean beta of this game ages back... leveling up was endlessly fighting same creatures, no missions or scenarios that i could see and races were very imbalanced... all in all a boring.. hard game.. though I would have kept playing had I been able to read korean :)

Hugh "Nomad" Hancock

Wow, that's gratutious. I assume that either Spirit Gum or Double-Sided Sticky Tape are vendorable items in the game...

Seb Potter

Elves and mechs together - might have thought it if you've ever played any Warhammer 40k. :)

Now I've seen some silly things in my time, but the girl in the background seems to be casually holding a sword that's far bigger than she is. However improbable her dress sense, waving around an 8ft+ chunk of metal really takes the biscuit.


Is that supposed to be some humungous sword that girl at the back is holding? How she possibly be standing upright with that thing? Either it's made of polystyrene or just out of picture it's got a little stand with wheels on to help her carry it round.


The sword is pretty obviously well endowed, with, er, antigravatical properties.

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