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October 27, 2005


Paul Mison

From the article: "Overall, television viewing among teenagers is up 2 percent, with only network TV suffering a significant loss." Hardly seems like "dropping TV" to me, even if they are shunning the major (US) networks.

Pixel Kill

I hopped on his trend back when I was a teen and it continues to this day. :) It's as much about convenience as it is my regular gaming though - I'll probably end up watching more TV again once they sort digital distribution out finally.


Yeah, that bit is a bit buried, Paul - I was reading while posting, so the title's a bit misleading.

Jesse Morrison

Whenever I hear about this kind of stuff I wonder why the networks never seem to push gaming television. It's interesting that they have televised Poker matches, and yet you will probably never find televised Mario Karting. I'd watch that.


I wouldn't say never Jesse. The Germans have their the giga eSports show and now the dutch have just recently got an eSports programme too. It airs at like 2am or something over there, but still.


I wouldn't say never Jesse. The Germans have the GIGA eSports show, and just recently the dutch got one too. Sure it airs at like 2am over there, but still!

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