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October 31, 2005



It's a shame, because the film is as I remember it really mental. The trouble is, the irony card has been played a little, and they's haveto have a serio0usly innovative game to combat the "shoot bugs until you've closed the game" syndrome.
Psychological warfare with the guy who wore the long leather coat? Something silly with the big brain sucking bug?


...face wave upon wave upon wave upon wave...

It's not gripping me. Looks pretty enough, but gameplay seems to be something they may have overlooked...?

Andy Baio

I played this at E3. It was unbearably bad.

Stalker Boy

The demo was pretty dull after about 5 - wait, no - 2 minutes too.

stew dean

Hang on - this game is only now coming out? I worked on a CD-Rom for the film and the game company sent me 3D models from the game I rendered. This was 1998. Maybe it was a different game.


That "main bloke [who] had an unfeasibly large chin" was Caspar van Dien who, after a failed bid as Tarzan, now makes religious right endtimes movies like "The Omega Code" (with Michael York!). Sort of like the fate that's befallen Kirk Cameron, who now does nothing but "Left Behind" movies, the poor sod.


Caspar van Dien does the movies for the money, Kirk Cameron does them because he's a genuine religious nutball.

The movie was okay, I liked the propaganda/Net popups. Too bad they didn't stick closer to the book ... particularly the battle armor the soldiers wore, not the silly headgear and popguns from the movie. There was a cgi cartoon here in the US called Roughnecks which stuck much closer to the original book, check it out if you can find it.


Oh - we got Roughnecks too - it was very polished CG considering it was basically aimed at kids TV...

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