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October 12, 2005


Seb Potter

"Much of machinima, for example, is comedy, because it's easier to convey humor through clever writing. Creating sympathetic characters for a drama would require facial animations that are beyond the power of any existing game engine."

Somebody has obviously not used Halflife 2, and played with the stunning facial animation system. If you're not convinced of its ability to reproduce the range of human emotion, check out "A Few Good G-Men": http://www.nailbiter.net/gman/


I hear Lionhead's "The Movies" is going to be AWESOME for machinima. And it's out next month.


Moose, you little monkey :)
Yes, it will.


Unfortunately, while this article covers a wide range of people that know of Machinima, they've clearly interviewed people that haven't worked _in_ Machinima (hence the "sympathetic characters" comment)...save the RvB team, Marino, etc.

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