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October 11, 2005



WB Alice :)
(If this was Aintitcool, I'd be first)

Fabio B

Wellcome back.

bout time, get postin :P

Seb Potter

So you survived without taking your laptop? Or did you give in and sneak it into your luggage? ;)



We'll know how long it takes your holiday buzz to wear off and normal service to be resumed by how long it takes you to post something pink and furry!

Looking forward to it ;)


Yay! Bienvenido de vuelta. Te echamos de menos muchísima, guapa. Altogether now, 'Guantanamera...'


Good to see your back, now my default page will look different, Hoozaarrr!

BTW, you may want to rethink advertising the fact your out of your home for the next X days. Whois information is publicly avaliable.


damnit, pipped to the post
*shakes fist at DJ*
oh right, yeah, not AICN
w/b to the land of propper weather


Thank God you are back! I was going through withdrawals!


I beleive the brandy/sprite combo is a native cuban drink. While less well known than the Mojito, the "cocos enflamante" is still popular.

Glad to hear you had a nice time. Cheers.


w00t! welcome back!!

i look forward to you helping relieve my boredom at work once again 8)


Aw thanks y'all!

First day back is always chaos, I've barely got on the net today. No good! No good!

BTW - Serenity is a bit of a disappointment :/


Indeed, welcome back. I'm about to go on my own vacation too, only to a much colder place.


Welcome back Alice! Hope you'll catch up and post soon...


hiya welcome back!
I see you didn't lose much of your posting skills while gone. Enjoying every update!

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