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October 18, 2005


Leons Petrazickis

Apple's DRM scheme restricts you to having your purchased files playable on five devices. In order for XBox 360 to play *.m4p (protected AAC) files, it would have to connect to Apple servers and have itself activated as one of the devices. Without hammering some sort of a really special deal with Apple, Microsoft can't build in the capability of playing iTunes Music Store tracks.

Making XBox 360 be able to play *.m4a (manually ripped AAC) files is a good gesture on their part, as they have historically not been willing to play nice with it.

BTW, JHymn is a third party utility that can remove DRM from iTunes Music Store stuff. Thanks to it, I can play the stuff I bought in Winamp.:) Unfortunately, it has not caught up with the changes in iTunes 6 yet.

Cory Doctorow

You tell 'em, Alice! BTW, Jhymn doesn't work (yet) with iTunes 6.

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