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October 25, 2005


Robert 'Groby' Blum

Yep - there was the Mortal Kombat series. As far as I know, that was daytime.

The strange thing is, I used to work on MK, and now work for Pandemic Studios, the guys who did DAH. It's a curse, and it's following me. That's the *only* explanation ;)

Fox Magrathea

The Hollywood Reporter says this is the first time a game has been 'ported' to primetime TV (why the "primetime"? Was there one that went out on daytime or a more lowly network?).

Numerous games have become Saturday morning or syndicated afternoon cartoons, most notably Pac-Man, Sonic the HedgehogDragon's Lair, Pole Position and several games that were anthologized as Saturday Supercade (Donkey Kong, Q*Bert, Frogger, etc.). You can search for them at the Big Cartoon Database: http://www.bcdb.com/cartoons/


t Groby... MK series... daytime... wha? How on earth did they do an MK series that could be shown before the watershed!?

Robert 'Groby' Blum

Well, it was daytime in Germany. And I could've sworn I saw it during daytime here (USA, that is). Seriously low on the whole brutality thing, though - more focussing on the storyline. (The WHAT? Yes, Virginia, MK *does* have a storyline. Don't ask me though ;)

Pixel Kill

How can they forget the surprisingly good Earthworm Jim series? :) (maybe that wasn't prime time - who knows)

Pixel Kill

How can they forget the surprisingly good Earthworm Jim series? :) (maybe that wasn't prime time - who knows)


I always thought Family Guy jokes tended to be very crude at times, but I'm a Simpsons man. King of the Hill, I dunno. Fox did their usual 'lets show three episodes and if it doesn't catch fall back on buffy/charmed/whatever crap hit series they have that is 'known-good'. But few episodes I saw were quite funny, and not at all the Beavis and Butthead inanity I expected.

Note: I am not ripping on Family Guy; it has its moments.


Wasn't Pokemon a game first before it turned into a cartoon? I can't be sure though as the franchise moved accross so many media so quickly it was hard to keep track of where it appeared first.


I was under the impression that the very short-lived live-action sitcom based on Maniac Mansion was the first video game show in prime-time (though it was on cable). I know it was prime time when I watched it - and I watched every episode of the show. It was lousy, but I wanted more shows based on video games :)

And yes, Tom, Pokemon the game came first. This was a rare case of an outside studio (Game Freak) putting together something very good, customers responding surprisingly well, and THEN the marketing engine starting up.


I have to stand up for King of the Hill as one of the finest and most underrated TV shows on television. The most recent season (airing in the UK on FX) has been consistently hilarious, but that's not why I value the show so much. It's the only TV show I've seen offering intelligent social commentary from *right* of centre, rather than left of centre. Given the cultural divide currently tearing the US apart, I admire anyone using TV comedy to speak wisely to the conservative masses. Although Family Guy's puerile humour can be highly amusing, it has very little to say, and The Simpsons is straining under the weight of airing for so many years. Greg Daniels and Mike Judge deserve enormous credit for their work on this show.

John E Thelin

Unfortunately the few moments Family Guy has are all Stewie's. The rest is just ultra-low-brow pop culture references, often without an actual joke attached, and some seriously lame punnery. Crude? Only in the sense of being roughly hewn with little care.

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