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October 28, 2005


Adrian Hon

This is pretty impressive stuff - very slick and Indiana-Jonesy. Not sure I see the educational aspect of it (if it's supposed to be educational, that is) but it's fun.

Makes me nostalgic for the good old Lucasarts adventures...

Stalker Boy

You need a four digit combination and the clues are in the telegram.


This is really good, took me a while to crack the safe. I like the episodic nature as well, lets people catch up.


Yeha, I couldn't find a telegram. No telegram in my journal, no telegram in the room...



It's in the journal. Look in your diary.


Bleh, I have three possible numbers from the telegram, but I'm stuffed if I can see a fourth

Joseph J. Finn

This safe is really hard.


Meanwhile, why is a hot sun always represented by a loud gong?


One of those numbers I ALWAYS read over when hidden the same way. Key is to look at EACH word carfully, maybe read the telegram backwards would help. That forth word is there.

Alice, the telegram is on the second page of the journal. Did you turn the page?


>> How humiliating.

You said it :-)

Joseph J. Finn

Hah! I figured out the combo!


The Combination to the safe is 2-1-4-2, which is spelled out in words in the telegram: too one for to.


Excellent. Thanks :D
Couldn't see the telegram on page two - my page two is blank. bit odd.

Phil Gyford

In the very early 1980s, while I was in the final year at junior school (about 12 years old), our class borrowed a Commodore PET from a nearby secondary school.

We were divided into teams of four and had to plan a trip to Saqara (as I think we spelled it then) to look for hidden treasures. We had to plan the expedition (we hoped to survive mostly on tinned sausages and baked beans) and then we occasionally had our turn on the computer where we had to choose which squares of a monochrome 2D grid to explore.

It was really exciting - the team work for this mission using a COMPUTER! Good to see the place is still providing educational entertainment, although thankfully more sophisticated.

James Wallis

Wilfully daft clues like this are the reason that 99% of people who have played a computer adventure don't play them any more. Think through the logic of the narrative. "I have put some incomplete notes in my Cairo hotel safe. To protect them, I am going to hide the combination in a painfully obscure way and send it to my uncle in Hull. After all, there's no way they can work through the 10,000 possible combinations or break through the lock in the FIVE DAYS it will take my uncle or his representative to get here."

I have solved the mystery: Elizabeth is a blimmin' nutter and is probably wandering around the desert muttering about scarabs and drooling. Case over. No need to bother with episode 2.


the safe is definetly tricky, for no reason what so ever. now indiana jones and the fate of atlantis, there was a real adventure. it was really fuckin hard, but at least it was logical (the germans were obsesed with atlantis in real life too).


damn I can't believe people are complaining about the safe clue.

I thought it was fun, if abitrary.

And satisfying once I got it


Wow James, you're sure a barrel of laughs. I'm sure you wouldn't have made it to the end anyway since it'll no doubt feature a re-animated mummy which, like, totally requires the suspension of disbelief and i can just tell you like your games to avoid that necessity.

It's a hamrless adventure game, i cannot believe you got so agitated by the 'logic' of the other characters.

I'm suprised you even got to Egypt and not thrown your computer to the ground in a "hulk smash" way when you were told that a journalist was sent to find a scientist's daughter instead of, say, a detective.


God, why couldn't the recent iteration of the ridiculously bad Nokia game be at least something close to this.

I can't believe how many times Nokia has to get it wrong with a game that they could do so well with.

This is nicely done - very nicely done.


Why couldn't Nokia do something even close to this in their latest piece of garbage Nokia game. I really don't understand the amount of money thrown at Nokia game when it's so ridiculous, off brand and a waste of time. C'mon Nokia, stop letting ad agenies take you for a ride.

This game is a perfect example of something that's accessible, engaging, has mental and physical challenges.

Well done, BBC and preloaded - a definite award winner.


Now that I finished Episode 1 how do I get into Episode 2?? For some reason it wont let me enter it.


Now that I finished Episode 1 how do I get into Episode 2?? For some reason it wont let me enter it.


Episode 2 - You have to wait til 7th Nov.



for more info.


just wondering about this, but does anyone know how to get through episode 3? took me a bloody hour to get to it and I'm stuck on a stupid star map thing.


I cant get through the star map


It helped me a lot to take screen shots of the star map to work through the puzzle.


2142 the combintaion


How do I get through the maze in part 4


Im just joking it is 2142


haha yeah, i need help with the stars. I'm ten and I figured out the safe.


how do i resolve the star thing im kinda lost here


Thanks for the help!!


plz help!!!! got past episode 1 it wont let me in episode 2!!!!! help!!!!!!


I got past episode 1, but I can't get into episode 2.... ??


Got 31% i ep 1 (100% souk chase 9 sek. 42% knowledge), still can't get to ep 2.
Tried with 3 different codes, still wont pass to ep 2


I'm stuck at episode 1, i have a total of 25%, and i don't know what it wants me to do :(


like hoj and Matt, I'm stuck at episode one. My total is 24% and I don't know how to get to episode 2. Annoying!


ugghhh. please someone. there are tons of you who obviously know what it takes and I can't find anything- on any boards- that says what you need to get to episode 2. I've finished episode 1, why isn't episode 2 opening? So many others have asked here and on other boards, why won't any of you help us?


I'm stuck on 24% too & can't get further I've tried again & again


I'm stuck at 22%, on episode 1, I guess...How do I move on??? I just finished the souk chase. I went through the beginning again and once again it saved my progress and stopped me after the souk chase....


the combonation is 2142


Im really stuck too... i googled it like, a million times too try and find out how. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP US! :o)

mr. suave

ahhh 26% done episode 1...y cant i get to play 2???!


how do i get 2 episode 2??????? argghhh

Sarah Main

How do you get past episode one??? I'm equally as frustrated as anyone else! Everyone who has passed episode one obviously knows HOW to do it, so why not tell us HOW??


me too!!! i cant get past episode 1 and i did the WHOLE episode all over again but stuck on 28%. The others just not opening!!!! HELLP!


but i posted a complaint on the BBC website... itll take ten days to be answered :(


completed episode 1,wont let me do ep2?
Ive compleated it once before but started again


27% complete but no ep2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is getting danm boreing!!
its 2010 now,so ep2 should be out!!!


really bored so going on the ps3 now!!!
say if u go on call of duty games.


the stars are the easyest thing in the game if u know how to do it!!!!!!!!!!!
honestly,am i the only one whose completed it!


playing on it right now and episode 2 is blanked out


i think u have to click somthing in the journal or somet stupid


ur complaint should be replied by now sara


i glitched!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ive only played the souq chase twice and did crap!!!(maneged to do it though)
now it says i got 9 SECS COMPLETE!!




i sent a complant about the complaint site


still wont let me on ep 2
getting so annoyed


bro got a freind round,so im not allowed on ps3,so death in sakkara is a good idea.
pls let me and all of u others a go on ep2


played ep1 for the 5th time and wont let me on ep 2!!!!!!!!!1
this is sooooooo annoying!!!!


wat? still wont let me in ep2


man this is very bad of bbc the should have lunched ep 2


i mean they sry


go to this site it will let you play all 4 episodes


plz thank me!!!


I am playing http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/interactive/games/death_sakkara/ but I can't get to ep 2 too!!!


big thanks for giving me website so i can play ep 2 , was getting really annoyed lol


the code to the safe is 2412


sorry the code is 2142...lol:D


hope Grace cozz u need a passworrd or ur playing as a guest!


im stuck on ep.1 31% total score everything else above wot it needed to be for ep. 2 still cant do the bloody thing! wot do you do? pls help!:(


ep 2 just randomly came up . dunno why but ive got it!:)


how do u do the underworld thing? I cant work it out!


how do u do the star thingy? im confused. :(


i am completely stumped! how do you get to episode 2??? it was released a couple of years ago, why can't i get onto it!?? please someone help!


I've played episode one several times and tried using my code multiple times but the other episodes are grayed out. Maybe the game is broken? How has anyone else been able to go onto episode two?


OK!!!!!! Now, to play the second level( I know ALOT of you are having trouble) I found out how to get to the second level. first, instead of going to the normal site go to here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/interactive/games/death_sakkara/
( U NEED A PASSWORD) But when you enter your passsword at first sometimes it doesnt highlight the other level, but if you do it again it should show. hope that helps!


Its easy. use the homophones for numbers in the letter. Ex:for=four


For the safe

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