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October 31, 2005



Download the entire series of 'Battle of the Planets'

Or 'Count Duckula'


Pixel Kill

Have you got a new, ickle black cable modem or a big, ugly white one (SB3100)? If it's the latter, phone and get them to upgrade you. They might try to fob you off with some excuse, don't let them. The nasty old white ones simply won't run at anywhere near the full 10 Mbps, as I discovered. :)


Big ugly white one! Phoning now :)

Ste Cahill

Grrr.... I live in an area where telewest installed copper cables, so we can't even get 512kb through cable :< & BT say we juuust live on the edge of 1MB... not good when me & my wife try & play WOW! lol

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