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September 16, 2005



Yeah, wow...I mean, I can see the excitement, but...I can also sort of just quizzically look and say...Um...yeah...

Sorry, it's gonna take me a week or so to really get used to this thing. And then I'll have an opinion. I feel like a lot of other people feel the same way, since it looks like some sort of hospital-bed-adjustment controller, and has so few buttons that it almost seems excessive.

If it doesn't end up like a console version of Warioware Twisted--where you basically twist it and get excited at the new method of control, but then since every (mini)game depends on that novelty to some extent for it to work, it causes you to tire of every (mini)game equally fast--then great. However, I think it's a real danger that you'll have a few types..."Swinging" games and "Pointing" games and "Shaking" games, dressed up in different clothes each time but with exponentially diminishing returns.

I mean, I own Samba de Amigo and have bought 5 sets of maracas just to keep it functioning over the years. But it's singular precisely because the controller trades breadth of control for certain depth of control. This has very certain depth of control, but until I see the uses I can't really believe too strongly that there's a lot of breadth.

That said (long post!), PS3 and XBOX360 are just annoying to me, so I'll probably buy it anyways just to side with the good guys.


OK, so it'll probably be easier to see how it'll work when the video is released. Of course, exuberant actors make good vids, but really - as long as they weren't making any of the moves up, there was a lot of fun going on. I particularly liked the drumming and tennis-racquet-swinging, and tbh the FPS stuff looked pretty wild.

But the main point is to get new people to play with it. With the nun-chuk add-on it looks even scarier than normal controllers (which are at least familiar to non-gamers), but I guess the nun-chuks are for the 'veterans', while the one handed controller is for the newbs.

I like it, I really do. Course, playing with one will be the decider! Shame there's no prototype here..


The "controller trailer" can be seen at:


I already have that, except I got it when it was called "Evolution" not revolution. Check it out:

-The BIG G


I'm skeptical of the new controller myself. It seems gimmicky with a novelty that's likely to be short lived. Then again, I'm of the opinion that if something works there's no need to fix it. The current generation's controllers are a good general purpose fit that work well. Not sure I see the need for what the Revolution will be offering.


ah! i fucking love nintendo!


I'm with you on that one, Mr C. Rob.
Anyone who's this bold/brash/mad is worthy of a hug.


All I want to know is, will there be Super Mario 3???

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