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September 16, 2005




How on earth can someone play a game with that!?


best thing to ever happened to console gaming. im so excited about this product!


Bloody brilliant. I cannot wait to play games using this!


And the best bit? It's completely split opinion! The uber japanophile game nut in our office thinks it's ridiculous, I think it's brilliantly unique, lots more people just have big, MGS-style, question marks over their head.

Well played Ninty :)


So that's the thing. A few people asked me today, was the conference worth it (over the show)? Yes. Yes, and yes again - and just because if you wanted to feel 'innovation' - be it a good move or not - you saw it today.

Hell. This is what it's all about. Risky and daring, but big-hearted (and financially sensible, at least on paper).

I like it.

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