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September 18, 2005



Well, I think I'm going to want more than four buttons, which is how many the Revolution conroller will have even with the nunchuk add-on...or rather, allow me to amend my statement: ONE button and three TRIGGERS. Heck the SNES controller had more buttons than that.

Rupert Breheny

Nintendo are no longer competing on the cutting edge of technology, that is now left to Microsoft and Sony to throw money at. Nintendo are basically focusing on play and accessability. I suppose that the DS was the start of the experiment, and it paid off big time. Now they are going for the mass market.

End of the day you can spend an increasing amount of effort and advertising spend chasing the same old game consumers, or you can open up the new markets of the famed "casual gamer" and mothers and girlfriends. End of the day 90% of people don't play games regularly, and as such are a pretty lucrative market if you can take away the fear of the new. And what is more known and comfortable than the TV remote.

However, For me playing a game is an immersive experience. A good controller will become invisible and you will simply exist in the game. I think that you will be so conscious of the new controller that you will never have that same suspension of disbelief. I also wonder about playing in bed. I like to play games on the horizontal and all that point at the screen stuff will make that rather difficult. All in all this accounts for why I probably won't be joining the Revolution, but then I was never the target market in the first place!!!


my thoughts, especially on the swordplay.. game structures, such as baddie count for example, an are really going to have to change. I’m fucked after 20 mins of wishy-washy on me eyetoy, imagine playing something like Prince of Persia and actually having to hack down every opponent.. there’s a world of difference between hitting X three times to kill someone and actually swishing your arms three times.

However this may be a good thing as having to actually stab/hack/slash people (!) might generate more emotional resonance, in the same way that you’re aware of the death of an animal when frying a fish rather than mince… plus less baddies on screen means the ones that are there get a bigger polygon count.


Rupert, I don't know where you get your figures from, but they're about 18 years out of date. The majority of people play games these days, and almost half of those are already female anyway.


I dont think the number of buttons is going to be so much of an issue. Theres a lot of interaction bandwidth (capturing 6 degrees of motion (position and rotation) is the equivalent of having 3 analogue sticks which allows a huge combination of movements). add the d-pad at the top, and the four buttons, thats a lot of variation. I reckon it looks like they're moving away from button presses, and more towards gestures for variations on actions, maybe keeping buttons for changes in mode (holding to run). This thing has completely blown my mind though, its so far removed from what i expected. How did they make something that pushes back both the casual and hardcore markets?


I think less buttons is probably a good thing. I remember my Atari ST days when Kick Off 2 could be played on a joystick with a single fire button, while Pro Evo Soccer 4 today requires twenty or so key press combinations to simulate the same game. Ignoring the relative quality of the two games, one of them strikes me as far more accessible than the other.


I was a misbeliever. And I was soo wrong. The people in Kyoto who brought us games like Paper Mario and Wario Ware Touched opened my eyes. They really think different. It will be damn fun ! It is the Future, but it's the Past also. Every legendary game could be converted and adapted, and we would be inside this time, shooting, running and sweating...
A whole new perspective. It's exciting.
I watched the Revolution teaser 4 times and in the end found other TGS stuff like 99 nights or MGS4 video so boring (even if pretty impressive).

Seb Potter

I've had the luxury of playing around with a real 3D controller before, and it really changes the way that games are played. You stop thinking about button presses almost entirely, and gameplay becomes an elegant experience that flows naturally from movement.

If anyone's read the 1-UP article, they expressed the same concerns about making sweeping movements with your entire arm, until they actually tried it and found that the controller is sensitive enough to be used with slight motions whilst your arms rest naturally.

Kieron's spot-on with his rant. For me, the cutting edge of technology is only as meaningful as the way in which it changes your experience and perception, and the Revolution looks to do that in spades.

Mr. Grimm

I think less buttons is probably a good thing. I remember my Atari ST days when Kick Off 2 could be played on a joystick with a single fire button, while Pro Evo Soccer 4 today requires twenty or so key press combinations to simulate the same game.

Which one was/is more fun to play? I had a blast with Atari too, but even in its prime, it wasn't even close to the fun as PES. More buttons = good thing, because that means it's harder to play and the learning curve is longer, IMO.

Phil Wilson

"Nintendo are no longer competing on the cutting edge of technology"

Yeah, Sony released their touchscreen handheld device years ago, and Microsoft's 3D motion sensing controllers blow Nintendo's feeble attempt out of the water.

Phil Wilson

"More buttons = good thing, because that means it's harder to play and the learning curve is longer."

Yes, making a game harder to play means it will be better. That makes sense.


At first I didn't like it, people always look at the negatives first, and usually get stuck on them. For example I have a GC and bought my son DK junglebeat for christmas, it came with the conga drum controller. I thought it was stupid but hey he's only 4, what would he care and it's what he wanted. It looked to easy, and he was banging on them like a wild man and flyin through the first few levels. So I tried them for a couple minutes and it seemed to easy like it was made for small children. So then I got sick and stuck in bed so I decided why not mess with it again and started up the game, played through the first few levels (a little boring at first) and started realizing how accurate the drums were, as well as having many functions for something you just hit two pads and a clap sensor. Finally a little further into the game it started actually getting challenging and fun and I was actually having a harder time with some parts of the game, it was way funner than I gave it credit for. So even though you think you know it all and it's all a crap idea, just chill, and try it when it comes out, either you'll like it or you won't, big deal.

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