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September 22, 2005



Was that witchy or twitchy? I find ergo mice uncomfotable..yuk!


Definitely witchy. Claw-handed. Crone-like. Nice!


Take a picture of it next time and apply to WatchUsGame with it!

(make sure you've painted your nails tho!)


You want a logitech Mediaplay. Ive had mine for a couple of months now, its great, I love having back and forward, skip back, skip forward play and pause along side all the normal buttons. They dont get in the way either like my old mouse.


I just ordered a G5, so thanks for taunting me with this. However the name 'Copperhead' just brings back Wes Craven-esque images of my ex-wife - so I'll stick with the G5...


That is a ridiculously awesome mouse.. and I want it. I freaking want it.


the best gaming mouse in my opinion is the logitech G5 Ive had one now for the last 6 months and it has been flawless and the most comfortable and responsive mouse ive ever used. The weight cartridge and the on the fly dpi settings are just perfect for true "tweak to the ultimate gamers", its great.


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