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September 20, 2005



Strafe jumping was never a bug in Q3A, in fact if i remember correctly they altered the physics of QW to allow strafe jumping. There was a bug that went along with it in Q3A though, and that was people with faster systems could strafe jump further than people with slower systems. Kinda makes you wonder if some of these 'bugs' are left in to help persuade the serious gamer to keep upgrading hardware. I remember the QW days, people with faster systems could move quicker under water, perfect for dm3 when you are diving down to grab the lightning gun to quickly discharge it ... FUN! :)

Jesse James

Alice, here I thought you were hardcore! The only reason Q3 was fun was that you could super strafe jump around the map. It ruined us for UT2003, etc, which seem filled with molasses by comparison.

First poster was right, it wasn't a bug--it was tweaked in subsequent releases so that online play could be set to equalize those with faster systems who could SSJ further with 125 (or heaven forbid 333) fps, but it was always intentional that you could swish your mouse to the right while holding the right strafe and leap across otherwise impossible gaps.

If you're annoyed by it, I suggest just spending an afternoon to learn how to do it. It really is empowering. After learning it you will feel like you never really knew how to move before in Q3. Honestly.


Alice was never very good at q3 ;))



I kicked wes' arse, at least :)

No, strafejumping was the one thing I never got the hang of. Still did OK, but yeah - it's a powa move that was the death knell for my play, really. Made up for it with mid-air rails, but sigh.

me = llama.


We'll have to have a game of Q4 when it comes out, see if you can beat me at that too.


Strafe jumping is still in Q4. Also ramp jumps are back! Thanks to ReDeYe of Radio iTG for these videos. He filmed them at QuakeCon:

Still would prefer some QW style air control, but I suppose you can't have everything.

Seb Potter

Wow, I haven't played a twitch FPS in well over a year, and suddenly I can't wait to play Q4. Watching those videos brought it all rushing back.

I better go get some practice time in with Q3A. :)


I see my downfall staring me in the face every time I think about Quake 4. I haven't played Q3A *at all*, and Quake 1 and 2 were a long time ago. Eek!


I sense angst. Must be all those memories of attackers disappearing into the mist to cap in 15 seconds :)


Um...is it just me, or does it look EXACTLY like Q3A? Why are we waiting for this game when Q3A already exists?


Viridian, I agree with you. This looks too much like Q3A for my tastes. I'd much prefer something like a revamped Quake 2 ... mmmmm.


You'll note the audio is identical too.

So, cf, you're back are you? :) And it sounds like you played. Probably against me. Sulk.


You're right this really does bring back memories of Quake and other similar games.

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