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July 29, 2005



Humming along to Singstar is hardly a crack!!


Tis if you don't get penalised for it.


You don't in the game as it stands..

As long as you hit the right notes for the right periods you'll get the perfect score, you don't need any cheat codes or cracks for that!

Or did you mean that they're humming the *wrong* notes and still getting a perfect score?

Hugh "Nomad" Hancock

That's very cool. Where was this?


To us 30-something video game verterans, the current games have been gradually tuned to our tastes I find them moderately engaging.

However, to 13-15 year olds new to the game scene, the current game crop must seem like turbo-crack. I'm suprised they are able to make it to the restroom while playing.


im looking for magic codes do u know where to find some be sides WDW


im looking for magic codes do u know where to find some be sides WDW


oh did anyone see chicken little?


Man do i need cheat codes for 500 credits on vmk!!!


What is a cheat code for the Pirate Pin, Buried in Treasure and cursed Storm?

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