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July 01, 2005



Of course, if you'd bought TIF 2005, you would have been able to use the fabulous Eye Toy: Cameo feature to map all your friends (or just you) into footballers...


Just think how creepy it'll be when you map different facial expressions, including getting shot. I think I'll cackle evilly and smile when I go down. That'll freak out the kids.


Actually, face mapping has already been done. Tony Hawk's Underground had a feature where you could email a digital pic of yourself to an Activision email address and then download it onto your PS2 and map it onto a custom character in the game. It worked by having you map points on the face such as the center of each eye, the nose, and the mouth and then it just cut out an ellipse from the pic based on those points.

It worked pretty well other than I have a big beard which got cut out of the pic save for a bit around my mouth and I don't sound anything like the voice that came out of the character when he talked. All in all it made for a character who looked like he might be my nephew rather than myself, but it was amusing just the same.

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