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July 12, 2005





Ran out of words? :)


Silly Nintendo. Stupid EU release dates + region free console = import frenzy.

I mean, they were doing OK releasing it early in Japan as AW:DS is REALLY text-heavy... but releasing English language versions a month apart is just silly. Oh well.


I couldn't agree more: the DS has a much, much nicer set of games (both current & future releases) going for it than the PSP.

Also, it looks like AW:DS will be out in the US 1 month before it arrives over here. So, you can always import to get it sooner (and cheaper!).


Okay... I just noticed Tom already mentioned that last bit... Anyways, it bears repeating.

Time to get a cup of tea...


"Lumines is OK, I hear". You hear it's "_OK_"?! Cut whomever it is telling you Lumines is merely OK out of your life! They are steering you down a morbid path!! Get thee to an import shop!!


And, of course, while you're there: get Meteos as well! [:-)]

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