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June 30, 2005



Haha. Yes, seeing that article shocked me a little. The t-shirt's from a little "alternative" clothing shop on Broadway in Seattle, and was paid for with cold hard Microsoft cash. Oh, the irony.


It's the skirt that gets you, isn't it?


I thought it was you Jez!



Andy > I love making my male priest run around in a dress; h4wt!

Aleks > Tee hee. Fame at last!

Consoles kick PC's ass...not so much. If you are talking about ppl playing the consoles-prehaps in America, but in Europe and Asia its all about the PC. Consoles failed miserably in Europe (altho PS2 did pretty well...but not well enough, and Asia does have the ps2, but what do u think all the rest of the asians play? Why starcraft, WoW, and warcraft of course!) And, please dont forget the shooters, rpgs, the couple of million ppl playing WoW and Everquest, and AO, and CS, anndd, the true owner of the PC, RTS'. Now that is like, oh jee i dont know, I think doing more better than the consoles? Also think about all the flagship titles on the consoles. I mean the big ones. Halo, check, MGS, check. (GTA started out on the PC, and was famous from it, so dont start saying GTA III!!!!, GTA IIII!)What else? Mario? Oh fine, put mario on there. What about Quake, Doom, Half Life, Fear, Age of Empires? Civilization for christ' sake? All of em are PC titles. As of now PC is ruling the market everywhere but america, truly enough said. And, theres always the issue of graphics-well lets put it that way, i played the xbox 360, and the graphics-too grainy for my shirt. The textures were nice tho. But if they want an audience they better put a better res than that. My pc can easily outdo that lil white turd on any ground any day. And PS3 might prove a worthy competitor but nothing more. For all who disagree, find a friend who owns a hightech rig and ask him to run F.E.A.R. opening scene in high res, thatll shut u up.

P.S. World of Warcraft MADE MMORPG's mainstream. Look in a video games mag not only about ur console once in a while.

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